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New Nikon Coolshot Hits The Fairways

10.49am 1st February 2013 - New Products

NIK_LRF_COOLSHOT_ASNikon announces its new cutting edge laser rangefinder, the COOLSHOT AS  – a high performance model with improved accuracy to help golfers improve their game.

Featuring cutting edge technology from Nikon, the COOLSHOT AS rangefinder is an essential tool for golfers for measuring distances on the golf course.  Not only does the new range finder measure the distance to the hole quickly and accurately, it also features Nikon’s angle compensation technology which takes into account the height of the target, and instantly provides both the actual horizontal and slope-adjusted distance within a range of 10-550 m (11-600 yd).

The Target Priority Switch has two measurement modes: First Target and Distant Target. The First Target Priority mode is ideal for golfers because it offers a precise measurement of the distance to the flag with the push of a button. Even in difficult lighting conditions, the bright LED illuminated display is clearly visible.

The new COOLSHOT AS builds upon the success of the previously model and is an essential tool to help golfers to up their game and improve the accuracy of their swing – useful not only for enhancing personal performance but also when preparing for competitions.

The ergonomically built COOLSHOTAS is the perfect golfing accessory. Compact, lightweight and waterproof, it fits easily into the golf bag and can be used in all weather conditions.

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RRP: £399.99

Nikon Laser Rangefinders

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