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New from Headland at BTME

9.09am 3rd February 2012 - New Products

Headland Amenity has introduced a raft of exciting new turfcare products at BTME inHarrogate.

Taking turfcare up to another level, Elevate Fe offers the ultimate user-friendly and cost effective liquid iron feed. It is ideal for tees, approaches,fairways and semi-rough but also for use on all coarse and close-mown areas including racecourses and sports pitches.

Unlike most iron + nitrogen formulations, the iron in Elevate Fe is chemically bonded to the nitrogen and this imparts some unique characteristics when applied to turf which make for impressive ease of use and versatility.

Elevate Fe’s iron is bound in a nitrogen complex so reactivity with other tank mix constituents does not occur, making Elevate Fe a great tank mix partner for water-soluble and liquid fertilisers, plant growth regulators and selective herbicides such as Headland Relay Turf.

A further benefit is in delivering a safe, non-staining application. Most iron formulations leave a black residue on the leaf that is clearly evident after application, particularly on traffic areas, wheel marks and where the spray boom has travelled closer to the turf. Due to its unique chemical nature, application of Elevate Fe does not result in staining to the turf, allowing spraying right up to key events. In addition, this results in safe application with less plant stress through desiccation and no leaf tip scorch.

The nitrogen-iron complex facilitates fast uptake into the plant for a rapid green-up, as well as long-lasting results. Application of Elevate Fe at 20 litres per hectare applies just over 1.5kg N/ hectare.

With pressure on greenkeeping teams, especially in tournament preparations periods and the need to encourage dense, healthy turf growth, Headland Amenity’s introduction of the superior turf growth regulator Clipless is especially timely.

Clipless reduces turf height, improves sward density and cuts down on mowing frequency.

Suitable for use on all turf areas, Clipless contains 120g/litre trinexapac – ethyl and works by blocking the production of gibberellic acid within the plant leaf, stopping cell elongation and upward growth.

This results in a more compact growth habit, where energy is diverted away from vertical growth, towards lateral growth and root development, providing a closer, denser sward.

The turf requires less mowing, with potential savings of manpower and cutting machinery costs. Clipless is also a useful tool to help reduce mowing frequency in difficult or dangerous areas such as steep banks etc.Clipless is also highly flexible – applications can commence at any stage of the growing season. Apply as soon as proper spring growth has started, – typically mid-April on outfield or coarse turf and mid-late May on fine turf. Continue with applications until end of August/early September. A maximum single dose rate of 3.2 litres/ha can be applied with a total maximum of 16 L/ha of Clipless allowed in any one year.

Trials show equal activity to other trinexapac – ethyl formulations and Clipless is an excellent tankmix partner with Xtend Soluble 46-0-0 + Headland Soluble Iron on outfield turf and N-Sure 28-0-0 + SeamacProturf on fine turf.

Headland Amenity has also launched SurpassPRO, a new liquid fungicide which gives turf professionals a belt and braces approach to disease control on fine turf.

SurpassPRO contains Iprodione, which offers both curative and preventative activity giving superb control of Fusarium Patch and Red Thread on amenity turf.

This highly versatile product can also be mixed with Headland’s ‘Throttle’ fungicide as well as a range of Headland’s plant protection products, to give cost effective, programmed disease control in the winter months.

Headland Amenity’s Andy Russell commented: “These advanced products are exciting additions to our portfolio and we are delighted to be able to offer solutions for busy greenkeeping teams to improve turf quality in an efficient and user-friendly manner.”

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