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MH Systems – an apology

12.30am 22nd December 2011 - New Products

Some readers were puzzled by a statement made in a report that we published last Friday, 16th December under the headline: ‘Welcome to Cobra’

Under the sub-heading ‘Cobra’s CONGU 2012-ready’ the text read, “Cobra is the first system to be confirmed as ready for the new CONGU 2012 regulations.”

We now realise that some readers may have taken this to mean that the Cobra software has been approved by CONGU and this is not case.

It would have been better if we had written, “Cobra is the first system to be announced as ready for the new CONGU 2012 regulations,” making it clear that this announcement is from the company, MH Systems, and is an expression of the company’s opinion as to their software’s compliance.

We hope that this explanation clarifies the situation and apologise to any readers who may have been misled by the words used in our report.

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