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Masters New Energy Bars Create a Buzz

10.32am 8th November 2010 - New Products

There’s a definite buzz around the latest product to be distributed exclusively by Masters Golf. The Buzz energy bars are 100 per cent natural and an excellent source of energy before, during or after exercise.

Providing carbohydrates and protein, the Original Buzz Nutty Bar contains only three grams of saturated fat while the Buzz Nut Free Berry Bar and Buzz Nut Free Banana bar contain even less. As a low glycemic-index food, The Buzz energy bars help keep blood-sugar levels stable and provide the brain and working muscles with the long-lasting energy you require – ideal for golfers at all levels.

The Buzz is already stocked by some major High Street retailers – including Waitrose – and used by professional sports teams, and this exclusive deal with Masters Golf means that pro shops and independent golf retailers can also now benefit from the ‘buzz’ around the product.

Kate Wallace, the owner and founder of Natural Fitness Ltd which produces the bars, said: “I never had any doubts about signing an exclusive deal with Masters Golf for the distribution of The Buzz bars.

“The company has a great reputation within the golf industry and came highly recommended. What’s more they are a great bunch of guys to work with and wholly professional and efficient in their business.”

The slow-release Buzz bars contain 100 per cent natural ingredients, are suitable for vegetarians and diabetics, and come in packs of 24.

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