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Lynx Launches New Junior Equipment Range

11.18am 1st October 2019 - New Products

Lynx Golf has launched a new range of clubs aimed at younger golfers.

Designed for all ages of kids, from as early as two years old, the company’s new Ai range features clubs whose component parts have been ‘proportionately resized’ to better suit young players than ever before.

Lynx’s new AI range for junior features proportionally-sized components

Lynx offers completely different clubhead sizes and weights in each of six height-coded sections of its Ai Junior Range. For example, a 6-iron in its smallest Blue section of clubs is 7% lighter and 7% shorter than in the next size Red section. Similar levels of difference continue through the remaining Orange, Green, Black and Silver sections, with clubs getting progressively larger, longer and heavier.

Even the issue of ball size and weight has been addressed by Lynx, with smaller, lighter balls that are easier for younger players to get airborne.

Stephanie Zinser, one of the two owners of Lynx Golf, explained the rationale behind the innovative new range. “Sports medicine, and the understanding of how the young body grows, has given us great insight into the stresses and strains that old-fashioned equipment can cause to young golfers,” she said. “It’s no coincidence that in virtually every sport the equipment made for the younger, growing, player takes this into account – with lighter, smaller, softer footballs, to smaller, lighter tennis rackets.

“It is something that is being seen across the whole breadth of the sporting industry, yet when we at Lynx looked into this in detail, we quickly realised that something fundamental was missing in golf. Golf clubs for juniors, while made often with smaller clubheads and shorter shafts, are not proportionately as small and as light as the young golfer actually needs them to be. We have utilised a proven mix of sports science, physiology, advanced computational methods – and perhaps a dose of parental care – to create the new Lynx Ai clubs to be absolutely in the correct proportions for young golfers. Not only that, the entire range grows with them, proportionately, as the child progresses into their teens and adulthood.”

During their extensive research, Lynx discovered that while the overwhelming majority of junior golf clubs look smaller than adult clubs, a lot of what makes them up is the exactly the same. Shafts might be cut shorter, but thickness remains the same. Hosels and ferrules are also identical. And while one or two smaller clubhead sizes may be offered, this is inadequate to cater for the wide span of ages and body sizes among junior players.

Lynx Ai Junior balls are lighter than standard designs

Steve Elford, Lynx Golf CEO and co-owner, added: “What we have done, with the help of AI and sports science, is to develop entirely new junior clubs that are directly proportional to the actual sizes of children in every component.  Each section of the junior range we offer is proportionately different in size to the others, whether irons, putters, fairways woods or drivers.

“The entire sampling of tooling for individual components – grips, heads, shafts and right down to the ferrules and hosels – has been completely re-tooled to make sure that everything is not just smaller and lighter but is absolutely in proportion.

“Because of the way we have developed these junior golf clubs, sizes grow proportionately with the child. When they do move into the next colour-coded set of clubs, everything should feel exactly the same to them as it did before.  They will have grown proportionately larger, so their clubs will too. It’s a perfect model for scaling up to adulthood and one which takes account of the child’s developing strength and slowly increasing swing speeds as he or she gets older, stronger, more confident and more able.”

The Lynx Junior Ai Range will be available from December and is once again being sold on an open stock basis, so that parents can buy exactly what their child needs and wants from golf retailers. The range will also be available to buy directly from Single clubs will cost from just £22 srp.

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