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iGo Labs unveil KYMIRA Golf Collection 

1.00pm 10th February 2020 - New Products

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KYMIRA Golf’s ¼-zip top

iGo Sports has unveiled the 2020 KYMIRA Golf Collection, a series of revolutionary smart garments which capture the body’s wasted energy and convert it into a specific wavelength of Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) that has proven beneficial effects on the body.

Among the health benefits claimed include increased blood circulation;increased energy production; increased cellular repair and replication; pain relief; reduced chance of injury,and improved thermoregulation.

The KYMIRA Golf Collection caters to both men and women, and in addition to the biological effects stated above, sports a tailored fit for ultimate comfort around the course.

The men’s range consists of a fitted mock turtle top (£80), which is available in sage grey, midnight black and sky blue. The collar is a comfortable fit and the perfect length to tuck into shorts or trousers. Next is the quarter-zip fitted long sleeve top (£110), available in the same colour options, which provides the perfect amount of support, without hindering the swing.

KYMIRA Golf fabrics retain heat 63% longer than standard fabrics in cold conditions, making the brand particularly popular amongst outdoor and adventure athletes. This heat retention aids the ability to maintain an optimal body temperature when exposed to colder environments making it an ideal garment for those who enjoy winter golf.

The women’s range includes a split-neck mandarin shirt (£90), which caters to different sized busts through the innovative collar, and is available in pink sherbet and sky blue. The women’s ¼-zip top (£110) is tight fitted to remove any restriction throughout the backswing and is tight around the wrists to promote a secure grip. It is available in pink sherbet, sky blue, and sage grey.

KYMIRA Golf product are available exclusively from Click here to view the KYMIRA Golf Explanation Video.



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