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Honma launches ‘Gain Speed’ Club Range

10.10am 26th January 2021 - New Products

Japanese golf brand HONMA has added a new range of game improvement clubs to its T//WORLD series which is aimed at golfers with slower swings looking to increase ball speed and distance.

Designed at Honma’s factory in Sakata, the T//World GS (Gain Speed) range consists of drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons for both men and women. It is the latest addition in the brand’s game improvement category and sits alongside the TR (Tour Release) range for mid to low handicap players.

Featuring built-in draw-bias, the GS clubs incorporate the most advanced technology and modern design features to deliver greater head speeds for outstanding distance and forgiveness.

“The GS range delivers the incredible styling and performance associated with HONMA golf equipment and is a welcome addition to our renowned T//WORLD game improvement series,” said Alejandro Sanchez, General Manager of HONMA Golf Europe. “Golfers seeking more distance and game improvement performance from their golf equipment should take a serious look at the new range in stores and at fitting events across Europe.”

GS Driver

The adjustable GS driver features a crank-shaped slot on the sole to maintain fast ball speeds across the face and reduce loss of distance on off-centre strikes. The slot and a radial face structure with varying levels of thickness, combine to reduce spin on low face strikes and toe hits – a common trend associated with high handicap golfers – to deliver a high gear effect for exceptionally straight distance.

The titanium crown also features varying levels of thickness and has been optimized to the lightest weight possible, without compromising strength to maximize ball speeds across the face. The ultra-lightweight crown works in harmony with the crank slot for optimal distance and accuracy, while a keel-shaped design and strategically positioned tungsten sole weight promote a draw bias and deliver increased stability to ensure more consistency at impact.

Incorporating a patented Non-Rotating System in the hosel to promote a more stable strike and flight, the driver delivers further impact consistency by ensuring the spine of the shaft stays in the six o’clock position when the loft and lie are adjusted. The SPEEDTUNED shaft features a mid-to-low kick point that flexes in harmony with the clubhead to generate fast ball speeds off the face.

The driver is offered in 9.5°,10.5° and 11.5° lofts and has a RRP of £499.

GS Fairway Woods + Hybrids

The GS fairway woods – 3 (15°), 4 (16.5°), 5 (18°) & 7 (21°) – also feature the crank-shaped slot on the sole to ensure golfers don’t lose any ball speed across the club face, while weight is positioned low and deep to deliver a high MOI and launch, plus tighter dispersions. RRP £279.

The GS Hybrids (18°, 21°, 24° and 27°) carry the same crank slot sole and feature a slight draw-bias design, thanks to the weight being re-positioned from the heel to the rear of the clubhead – which again delivers a high MOI and launch trajectory, plus improved accuracy. RRP £249.

GS Irons
The design of the GS irons (4, 5-11, SW) delivers both distance and accuracy thanks to a thin and high strength L-cup structured face that expands the sweet spot. Variable ribs on the inside of the clubface help to reduce weight and improve ball speed performance compared with the XP-1 irons, as well as maintain consistent spin control.

Those 4-7 irons feature sole slots that vary in width, with the wider portion of the slot covering the toe of the club to help reduce loss of ball speed on off-centre strikes. A 6g tungsten weight has been placed in the toe to increase the MOI by a further 243g/cm² compared with the XP-1 irons.

The 8-11 irons feature a face with a 360-degree undercut, while a thick steel sole provides a low centre of gravity for a high launch and optimal spin. Honma’s Speed Tuned 55 graphite shaft or a Nippon N.S. PRO 950 GH neo-steel shaft come as standard. RRP £1,155 (7 clubs).

Across the Women’s GS range, the driver [10.5°, 12.5°] is priced at £499; fairway woods (16.5°, 18°, 21°) at £279; hybrids (21°, 24°, 27°) at £249, and irons (5, 6-11, SW) at £1,365.

The GS range is available across Europe from February and joins the recently launched TR21 and TR20 range, plus the premium BERES range in the HONMA line up for 2021. For more details, visit

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