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GrundGolf launches the Pocket Putting Mirror™

10.09am 23rd September 2016 - New Products

grundgolf-montageThe Pocket Putting Mirror™ is a small (3.5 inches by 2.125 inches – approx. 90mm x 55 mm) convex mirror, convenient to use (indoor and outdoor) and very effective for checking aim, alignment and swing path. “Simple and effective” said John Cook – 11 times PGA Tour winner.

GrundGolf, based in San Francisco, California focuses on game improvement products that are truly innovative, effective, and affordable. The patent pending Pocket Putting Mirror is a small convex mirror which shows the golfer’s eyes, shoulders, and hands at address and in action. A microfiber pouch and full complement of putting drills and short game pointers accompanies the product.

The Pocket Putting Mirror retails for $12.99. The company is starting to look for distributors in Europe and Asia.

“Instant game improvement in your pocket” said John Grund PGA, co-founder of GrundGolf.   “I believe the quality of a golf shot is directly related to the quality of your relationship to the target. Using the mirror for a few minutes establishes the foundation for a positive putting experience.”

“All of us struggle with putting from time to time.  The vast majority of misses occur due to faulty aim, alignment or swing path. The Pocket Putting Mirror addresses all three fundamentals in a simple and effective way. The mirror is versatile as well and can be set up a number of ways depending on your game focus” added Grund.

GrundGolf founders John Grund and Mitchell Leiber competed on the UCLA golf team. Grund played professionally on many tours and three different continents. All the while, he taught golf, earning his Class A status and coached golf as well. Grund also owned and operated Grund Guide (the Company that pioneered sprinkler head yardage marking). Leiber earned his CPA and joined another UCLA teammate in the golf accessory business, ultimately rising to COO/CFO of CMC Golf, Inc.

Contact Mitchell Leiber (480)-296-1011 or visit  for more information.

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