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Greentec Granular Gives Choice of Feed for Fine Turf

9.49am 30th June 2010 - New Products

Turf managers preferring a granular rather than a liquid feed for their fine turf will welcome Headland’s new Greentec Microtonic, a homogeneous, fine turf fertiliser designed for rapid breakdown and uniform response.

The latest addition to the Greentec range, with a formulation of 3-0-6+Fe with 3.6% humic acid, the new granular is designed to provide small amounts of nutrient, accompanied by enhanced colour, and with 93% of the nitrogen in the analysis derived from sulphate of ammonia, gives rapid results even in low soil temperatures.

Naturvigor, an aerobically-composted cow manure fortified by humic acid is incorporated into the analysis giving the fertiliser an organic base providing an organic nitrogen fraction and helping to stimulate microbial activity and encourage root development.

The potassium source is derived from Kali Vinasse, a potash rich, sugar beet pulp. Bound in an organic complex, potassium is released slowly by microbial activity and with a 1:2 nitrogen/potassium ratio the resulting growth produces a tough grass leaf, resilient to stress and disease.

Greentec Microtonic is packed in 25kg bags and suitable for use in all fine turf areas including golf and bowling greens and professional lawncare.

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