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Clear Snow wıth Toro Snow Throwers

12.04am 24th January 2013 - New Products

Toro snow blowerBased on years of experience in the harsh winters of the USA, the Toro range of walk-behind snow throwers offer a powerful, reliable solution to snow clearance. All models have overhead valve engines which are quiet, fuel efficient and cause minimum vibration – and of course start immediately no matter how cold it is.

The Single-Stage Snow Thrower is lightweight, easy to use and manoeuvrable – ideal for steps, pavements, driveways and other small to medium paved areas with up to 15cm snowfall. The high performance Power Curve® system gathers the snow and throws it out of the chute in one efficient motion, cleaning down to the pavement.  The auger also helps to propel the unit forward.

For larger paved areas, unpaved surfaces and for clearing heavier density ‘wet’ or heavily compacted snow over 20cm deep, a Toro Two-Stage Snow Thrower offers the best solution. The PowerMax® 826O model has a 66cm clearing width and is robustly designed with durable augers that can be height adjusted, so even surfaces such as gravel drives can be cleared.

The Power Max® design controls snow intake to reduce clogging and allows you to power through heavy snow and deep drifts with ease – clearing up to 1000kg of snow per minute, and throwing snow to a distance of up to 13.7 metres. The Quick Stick® chute control allows you to control distance and direction of throw effortlessly, rotating through a 200o arc, so you can throw the displaced snow exactly where you need it.

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