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Awesome Golf unveils new games and coaching modes

3.07pm 15th December 2020 - New Products

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Awesome Golf, the pioneering golf software company, has introduced a series of new features and pricing structure that make it one of the best new-to-market golf software solutions for 2020.  

Having launched less than a year ago, the UK-based company has completed multiple installations and powered the play-at-home market across the globe during the pandemic.

The new official Microsoft Windows release of the Awesome Golf Suite opens up the market to even more FlightScope golfers and coaches. The suite costs £199 +£10 pcm or £349 for a lifetime subscription with an initial 14-day free trial.  

The new games include ‘Wrecking Balls!’, which tests a golfer’s ability to shape shots and rewards them with ultimate destructive power; ‘Get in the Hole!’, based on the popular app, will please every player regardless of technique, age and ability.  Every shot counts as you power through the city destroying everything in your path.

As well as delivering data and insight for serious players, the Awesome Golf team has managed to create a family-friendly environment ideal for younger players. 

As Jay Lasco from leading YouTube channel Golf Simulator Videos commented: “Awesome Golf set out with a purpose to really get youngsters engaged with software and technology into the game of golf and they’ve really done that. You could take this to your driving range as a PGA Pro and get young golfers really enjoying the game very quickly.” 

To access the latest pricing and a 14-day free trial, visit or for more details email The app is also available to download here:

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