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All-New Cleveland Golf Wedge Analyser for Short-Game Perfection

1.13pm 10th February 2017 - New Products

14_CG_WEDGE_ANALYZER_FINALFocused on Where Scoring Matters for more than 35 years, Cleveland Golf, the global leaders in wedge innovation are dedicated to creating game-changing products that help golfers shoot lower scores and get more enjoyment out of the game. This relentless pursuit of perfection has seen Cleveland Golf continue to maintain its position as a true innovator in short-game performance over the years, with its latest Cleveland Golf ‘Wedge Analyser’ showcasing a whole new way to get fit for wedges.

Having mustered over 350 Tour victories since 1989, Cleveland Golf understand that getting custom- fit for the correct short-game specifications is paramount to shooting the lowest scores possible. Cleveland Golf also understand that in the past, custom fitting has been regarded a time-consuming process. However with the all-new Wedge Analyser powered by Swingbyte, time consuming fitting processes will no longer be an issue. Using the Wedge Analyser, golfers are now able to get custom-fit for the precise wedge bounce and sole grind that suit their game, in as little as two golf swings.

Cleveland Golf’s expert R&D team have incorporated some of their most advanced, high-performance technologies into the Wedge Analyser, including the ability to capture every aspect of a golfers swing using a Swingbyte 2 sensor. The intuitive system, most importantly, focuses on the delivery of the club to the ball just before impact. Using key metrics such as attack angle and shaft lean at impact, the Wedge Analyser then recommends the optimal bounce and sole grind configuration for various turf conditions. Fully integrated software also includes database information on pitching wedge lofts to help determine the correct lofts throughout a wedge set for consistency in gapping.

Available in-stores around the UK & Ireland from March 1st, The Wedge Analyser offers ease and convenience in abundance, plus the adage that you can now be fit for a wedge in any location. Custom fitting no longer has to take place on a golf course or driving range. It also works differently and proves more beneficial than using a launch monitor. The focus is solely on the club itself, measuring the delivery of the wedge right at impact (before it interacts with the ground).

Dean Cracknell, UK Marketing Manager of Srixon/Cleveland Golf commented on the necessity of being fitted using the Wedge Analyser: “All golfers know that getting custom fitted correctly for the right wedges is one of the most important decisions a golfer can make. The Wedge Analyser is an unbelievably simple piece of equipment to use that offers precise results that will in-turn, help golfers improve in the most important area of the game. Visiting your local Cleveland Golf stockist and getting fitted correctly using the Wedge Analsyer will become a no-brainer.”

Cleveland Golf and their on-tour ambassador’s including Graeme McDowell, Shane Lowry and Hideki Matsuyama understand that to score better from 125 yards and in, you need to be custom fitted correctly. With the Wedge Analyser this process has just become a lot more precise and convenient for everyone involved.

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