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World’s First Video-Only Golf Website

1.53am 17th August 2012 - Media

CLICKONGOLF.TV – the world’s first video-only golf website – was officially released on Monday 6th August. Founders Rob Potter, Richard Wilson and Benjamin Potter have a long-established history in the golf industry, producing TV shows for Sky Sports, The Golf Channel and the Travel Channel.

CLICKONGOLF.TV aims to unite the golf industry into one hub, combining entertainment, instruction, equipment reviews, travel and tour highlights. This marks the first golf website where users can save videos to their wall, share them with their friends, and receive videos to their email – tailored to their golfing needs.

“We are extremely excited about bringing the industry together into an authentic  golfing YouYube experience where users can watch, buy what they see, and share videos with their friends across the world.”

The site remains in beta form as development work continues to be applied.


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