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Travel portal issues free golf travel magazine

6.46am 20th April 2018 - Media

The Danish golf travel portal, which was founded in 2015, is now publishing a new online travel magazine.

The first edition of the new magazine has been sent via email to 100.000 Danish golfers, which means that the 80-page magazine reaches two thirds of all Danish golfers.

“With the launch of a new Danish online magazine, which entirely is about golf travel we are covering a gap in the market,” says Søren Barnak – chief editor at the new golf travel magazine. “If you as an advertiser, resort or destination would like to be promoted to Danish golfers – and do it in collaboration with a quality brand – then this is great opportunity to reach a segment full of people who love to travel and have the money to do so.”

Online publishing creates extra opportunities

Danish golfers are topping the list of golfers who travel the most – often several times a year – and the travels typically include destinations outside Europe. South Africa, USA (Florida), Thailand and Dubai are among the most popular destinations.

In the first edition of the golf travel magazine, simply called ‘GolfersGlobe – Let the journey begin’, the readers are taken on a trip to Ireland, Thailand, Portugal, England, Switzerland, Spain and Greece.

“By publishing the magazine as an online magazine, the advertisers get full value for their money because we in the adverts post a link directly to the advertiser’s websites, online booking or other sales channel. At the same time, we have the possibility of adding high resolution picture galleries and interesting video clips,” explains Søren Barnak. “something we cannot do in a printed medium, and hopefully, readers will find that there will be plenty of inspiration to pick up for an upcoming golf holiday.”

Focus on golf and adventure

In the new magazine the red thread throughout is to not only find traditional information about courses and resorts, but also about both gastronomy and culture.

Last year GolfersGlobe completed a survey of Danish golfers’ travel habits. The date gathered shows that most Danish golfers are now seeking more entertainment during their golf holiday than in the past, and this trend has been considered when publishing the first edition of our travel magazine,” says Søren Barnak.

According to Søren Barnak it is imminent that the traditional way of doing golf holidays, with unlimited golf and a week’s holiday which primarily is spent at the resort, will soon cease to exist.

“Golfers in general and especially Danish golfers have a desire to explore the area they visit and our magazine will therefore also show examples of how we inspire the readers and promote all the exciting opportunities that awaits outside the golf courses,” says Søren Barnak.

The magazine by GolfersGlobe is planned for publishing twice a year. The next will launch in October 2018 while the third will arrive in April 2019.

Read the Magazine by clicking HERE.


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