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Top Golf Magazine Chooses GC2 From Foresight Sports

12.02am 25th January 2013 - Media

Foresight Sports GC2 launch monitor
Foresight Sports GC2 launch monitor

Britain’s best-selling golf magazine, Today’s Golfer, will be able to produce the most accurate results yet for its equipment tests and coaching features after adopting the market-leading Foresight Sports GC2 technology.

When Foresight Sports introduced the GC2 smart-camera technology in 2010, it revolutionised ball-flight analysis and was quickly adopted by many of the world’s leading club manufacturers including Titleist, Cleveland/Srixon, Cobra/Puma, PING and TaylorMade.

And the addition of HMT (Head Measurement Technology) in 2012 – after two years in development and exhaustive testing with several of the major manufacturers – further increased the technology’s high profile within the golf industry.

With many top club professionals eulogising over the equipment, Tour pros using it regularly on the range at big events and with it on TV every week driving the renowned Sky Sports Shot Centre, it was small wonder that new Today’s Golfer editor Chris Jones was similarly impressed when he saw it in action.

He said: “When I first saw the GC2 in action, it blew me away. The amount of detail it can provide – and the level of insight from the HMT – can really improve Today’s Golfer’s content in print and online.

“TG prides itself on equipment tests, but now we can add a whole new level of depth and insight to our product coverage. We can put manufacturers’ claims to the test. We can compare products using facts, not just feel. And while we may not publish every piece of information we get from the GC2, it will make our decisions more informed than ever.

“But it’s not just tests where we can use the technology. When it comes to instruction, we will be able to prove that certain tips work. We will be able to identify readers’ problems, give them advice to improve and have a tangible measurement for that improvement – that’s never happened before.

“Plus, the product is so portable, we will take it all over the country, and we even plan to take it to the odd tour event to get more Tour pros using it.”

The introduction of GC2 and HMT has meant all teaching professionals and club-fitters can gain access to critical club-head data, including dynamic loft and lie, as well as ball-impact location – all to unprecedented levels of accuracy. Previous techniques for calculating this information were crude at best and often proved inaccurate, but GC2 and HMT technology offers sub-millimetre accuracy on critical data and whereas, previously, such expertise would have been available only for use in R&D departments of the major manufacturers, now it will provide its extra insight to nearly 300,000 readers on a monthly basis.

Edward Doling, Foresight Sports Europe’s sales director, added: “When magazines are testing equipment and offering purchasing advice to their readers they need to be confident that the data they are quoting is accurate and being measured directly – and that is why the GC2 and HMT is ideal for Chris and his team at Today’s Golfer.

“I would not be at all surprised if other magazines followed suit in using GC2 as the major manufacturers are recommending it as the ‘best for test’ and readers will want to be sure they are receiving accurate information.”

He added: “The GC2 directly measures all of the core ball flight data at launch using ultra-high-speed, dual-camera technology. In principle, the HMT does the same thing, only with the golf club.

“HMT represents a quantum leap in terms of technology available to the golf industry. By looking directly at the clubface, HMT is the only technology at this price-point that directly measures club-head data into the ball and through impact.

“Just like the GC2, HMT is incredibly easy to use. Attach it to the GC2, turn it on and you’re done. It really is that simple. You just put it down, turn it on and you’re ready to go.”

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