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Successful Danish golf travel blog reaches new heights

4.12pm 29th August 2017 - Media is recognised as one of Top-10 most influential golf travel blogs. The golf travel portal holds a strong position in the Danish golf market and is able to spread the word to more than 100.000 Danish golfers.

According to Golf Business Monitor, ‘Top 10 golf travel blogs to consider’, people will be affected by many factors before they decide which destination they decide to visit for their next golf holiday and which resort and golf courses they want to stay in and play.

One way resorts and destinations can succeed and improve their business is by partner up with influence golf travel blogs who can help them expand brand awareness; improve brand advocacy; reach new targeted audiences; and increase share of voice.

According to Golf Business Monitor most consumers (82 %) are “highly likely” to follow a recommendation made by a micro–influencer, like a golf travel blog, because those micro-influencers are more knowledgeable, credible, believable and they are able to explain much better how a product or service works.

“This is what we do and our key focus is always to explain why it is worth visiting and playing golf in a certain destination. Everybody in the golf travel industry is very focused on sales. Of course, they are – but very often managers, CEOs etc. miss an important point. Before sales comes PR, information and inspiration. If nobody knows of the resort, the golf course or the region how can they create a sale? Therefore brand awareness is a key to success and that’s why we will keep telling the good story to all golfers in Denmark,” says Søren Barnak, editorial director at is operating in Denmark where they have strong partnerships with other Danish media (online & print), which means that the golf travel blog has a great influence on the Danish golf market.

“We are very pleased with the recognition we have received from Golf Business Monitor and it shows us that our strategy works,” continues Søren Barnak. “GolfersGlobe work with every day content marketing and is the number one platform in Denmark when golfers look for inspiration for their next golf holiday.

“Our strength is that we are more personal than traditional media when we spread the message to our users. GolfersGlobe use a lot of videos and visuals on the blog and the content about the clients is very easy to find with a quick Google-search – two things you cannot find in a print media.”

According to Søren Barnak it is obviously a good idea to work with a golf travel blogger if you want to make business and create more brand awareness on the Danish golf market.

“On GolfersGlobe we are committed in helping our clients to improve their business and to provide more insider insights and unique information about their products. We share brand value with the clients and we create visibility by writing articles, using email marketing, content marketing and we are of course very active on several SoMe-platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram),” he concludes.

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