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‘GolfPunk’ Shoot Gets National Press Coverage

11.00am 17th June 2014 - Media

GolfPunk's Eve Muirhead takes in 'Daily Mail'
GolfPunk’s Eve Muirhead takes in ‘Daily Mail’

Tim Southwell, CEO of GolfPunk, says that the recent GolfPunk shoot with British Olympic Curling Bronze Medal winner, Eve Muirhead, has been extremely well received by the Scottish print media.

Southwell commented: “The word spread very quickly to the Scottish print media that we had done a great photo shoot with Eve Muirhead, and there was a real feeding frenzy to get access to the pictures. In the end we let the Scottish Daily Mail, the Scottish Daily Express and the Daily Record run them, in return for prominent GolfPunk branding.”

Southwell added: “Eve is a fanatical golfer, plays off 2 and holds her own course record. When we found out that she was a golfer we just thought we had to shoot her for GolfPunk, as she’s exactly the kind of unconventional person our readers are interested in, and clearly a lot of other readers too. It has also been a great way of sharing GolfPunk with a wider audience of golf mad Scots men and women.  At the same time, what we can deliver creatively through digital is so much more engaging than print. So why don’t you have a look here. I think you will be amazed. I know I was!”

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