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GolfPunk releases readership research

10.29am 20th April 2017 - Media

Golf Punk GBNGolfPunk Media has released research from a recent survey of 1,500 readers, and an update on its rapid audience growth.

GolfPunk now has over 95,000 monthly unique readers, and delivers a younger, and highly knowledgeable audience.

The key take–outs from their research are as follows:

Other key findings include:

(Editor’s Note: All the above figures which are printed in bold type have been corrected from the version published at 10.29 this morning. We apologise for these errors for which we accept complete responsibility. GR)

In terms of favourite content, the research showed that humour was the most important factor.

Also popular were: Latest news, Swingin’ Sirens, Equipment, Different take on golf, Instruction and Fashion.

The survey also revealed that 70.2% of readers are members of golf clubs.

GolfPunk Media Ltd CEO, Tim Southwell, commented: “Our aim has always been to present golf in a different way from traditional golf media – be it print or digital – and lead with self–depreciating humour, and a joyous celebration of the great game. Golf may be hard, but it’s also fun and cool.”

Southwell added: “GolfPunk is about attitude rather than age, and this is demonstrated by our readership profile, which embraces both younger and older readers. But that 50% of our readership is younger than 45 is gratifying as it does demonstrate that we can connect with a younger audience, who clearly want golf presented in a different and more engaging way.”

“Another key factor is that we are properly optimized for mobile, and offer one of the best mobile experiences available across all media. We’re really proud of just how slick the mobile site is, and praise to our developers We Are Everyone for creating such a brilliant mobile experience. As mobile content consumption gets ever more important, we feel we have created a very strong competitive edge which we can really build on.”

Southwell also confirmed that the site had now achieved almost 96,000 monthly unique visitors.

Southwell commented: “We are delighted to have now delivered 95,642 monthly unique users, and particularly proud that we have done this organically, rather than through buying an audience. Our audience growth has all been achieved by sticking to our guns and creating great content.”

Southwell concluded: “The other key take–out is just how knowledgeable and capable our growing army of younger golfers is. Our readers are both highly informed, and extremely good golfers. They love the game, but want it presented in a fresh and celebratory way. GolfPunks we salute you! “



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