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GolfPunk launches its own GolfPunk Gold Beer Brand

12.29pm 16th October 2017 - Media

GolfPunk has launched its very own beer brand – GolfPunk Gold – in a new partnership with the St Andrews Brewing Company.

GolfPunk Gold is a premium craft beer, made from the finest hops available, with an ABV of 6.2%. You can buy it at the St Andrews Brewing Company’s

Kelly Slater (Left) with with Tim Southwell of GolfPunk

Brewpub, which is located right in the heart of St Andrews, at 177 South Street.

St Andrews Brewing Company brew in small batches of only 700 litres at a time, and each beer is brewed by hand by their team of highly skilled and avid brewers. All their beers, including GolfPunk Gold, are naturally carbonated, refreshingly different, and from only the finest ingredients.

GolfPunk was also delighted to welcome surfing legend Kelly Slater to pull the first ever pint of GolfPunk Gold. Kelly was over in St Andrews for the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship, where he was competing. Not only is Kelly the most famous surfer in the history of the world, he’s also a scratch golfer. And his talents don’t stop there, as he can play a mean guitar and hold down a tune, as he entertained the crowd with a set.

The tag line for GolfPunk Gold is “Grip it and Sip it” which was announced a few weeks ago. But it now seems that John Daly has had the same inspiration for his new drinks brand, which he launched over the weekend. (Let’s hope that the lawyers don’t get involved.)

Tim Southwell, GolfPunk’s CEO and founder commented: “We are all delighted with the new ale, and think it’s the perfect brand extension for GolfPunk. We will be working closely with our new partners at the St Andrews Brewing Company to bring GolfPunk Gold to golfers around the UK and then around the world. It’s also fantastic to be able to enjoy your very own beer right in the heart of St Andrews – the absolute home of golf.”

Philip Mackey, co-founder of the St Andrews Brewing Company commented: “It’s great to be working with such an iconic brand, which is known and loved by golf fans both in the UK and the wider world. We think that by combing our brewing skills and golfing heritage through our base in St Andrews, with GolfPunk’s refreshing and different take on golf, we can create something new, and different that will really appeal to golfers.”

If you are in St Andrews make sure you get down to South Street, and savour a pint of GolfPunk Gold – the latest quality brew from the multi-award winning St Andrews Brewing Company.


St Andrews Brewing Company

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