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GCA Launches Golf Course Rankings

8.26am 27th March 2013 - Media

GCA architects choiceGolf Course Architecture, the world’s leading journal covering golf design and development, has announced the launch of its Architects’ Choice Golf Course Rankings

Voting for the rankings is open solely to professional golf course architects, making them a unique insight into the very best of golf course design.

Golf Course Architecture editor Adam Lawrence says: “With most professional golf course architects having visited a large number of golf courses throughout the world, and having a very specific eye for quality that comes from their full time work on golf design, we believe these rankings will be the most insightful evaluation into golf course design quality there has ever been.”

Architects will select their own criteria for the ranking, factoring in merits such as strategic value, beauty, fun and history and weighting those attributes as they see fit, delivering individual top ten lists that will be combined to produce a full Top 100 ranking.

Lawrence adds: “In addition to this full Top 100 list, we’ll be splicing and dicing the data to deliver more insight on the architects’ choices, looking at regions, types of golf course, prevalence of particular architects’ work and the balance of modern and historic designs.”

Golf Course Architecture is now in the process of surveying golf course architects throughout the world to compile this unique ranking, and looks forward to sharing the results with you in a special report in the July 2013 edition of the magazine.

Golf course architects can register their votes at

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