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SLAM reports on golf

8.10am 8th February 2006 - Management Topics

Sports Marketing Surveys have recently published a unique series of sports reports providing data, information and insights into the key sports in the UK.
SLAM, the Sports and Leisure Activity Monitor, combines specific consumer research, media data and industry sources to provide a comprehensive and robust picture of sports and their following – both the adult and youth markets. Information covers interest levels, participation, media following and coverage, sports images, sponsorship, events and hospitality.
Based on interviews with over 13,300 12-65 year olds in 2004/05 top line findings from the SLAM golf report include:

  • General interest in golf is relatively high in the UK, with over a third of 12-65 year olds in the UK having some involvement in the sport.
  • Golf is a male dominated sport in its media following and participation, and the core followers of golf tend to be aged 46 and over. In the past few years, the sport has seen an overall rise in participation levels, including women and younger age groups.
  • TV is the main media used to follow the sport but core fans tend to use a mix of TV, and press. Golf was the second most shown sport on British television in 2004. 
  • The highest recorded TV audience on terrestrial television in 2005 was the Open Championship (3,587,000 viewers).
  • In terms of lifestyle, golf fans were most likely to rate the following values as important: maintaining a long-term commitment to loved ones, having freedom of action and thought and being broad-minded.
  • Golf in general is seen as skilful, competitive, international and mature.
  • Golf was the eighth most sponsored sport in 2004. Cars/automotives and financial services are the main industries investing in the sport.

The report is available at £350 from Sports Marketing Surveys with sections covering interest levels, participation, infrastructure, sponsorship, hospitality and the golf equipment market.
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