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Side by side in safety

12.05am 5th January 2006 - Management Topics

Safety guidelines have been issued for side x side vehicles: those vehicles which include, but are not limited too, side-by-side mini-utility vehicles, usually with a steering wheel, where the driver sits in a conventional seat and there is generally seating for one or more passengers and designed for off-road use and light on-road use.
Side x Side vehicles include the Mule, Rhino, E-Z-Go, Gator, Ranger, Workman, Truckster, Argocat, Scot-Track, Hiler, Goblin and other similar machines.
The scope of the guidelines includes training, route planning, loading of vehicle, rollover protection and seat belts, parking advice, regulations concerning child passengers, safety checks and maintenance, trailed equipment and loads, the use of sprayers and other accessories.
For further details of the Side x Side Group contact: Mr Jake Vowles. Director General, AEA, Samuelson House, Paxton Road, Orton Centre, Peterborough PE2 5LT Tel: 01733 362925 Email:
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