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SGF and GAF write historic agreement

1.12am 23rd January 2012 - Management Topics

Swedish Golf Federation (SGF) and the Swedish Golf Club Management Association (GAF) extend collaboration. They recently signed a new historic agreement which is valid for two years. One purpose of the agreement is that GAF will assure the quality of club commercial agreements through its members.

SGF and GAF have a common goal to develop the game of golf, enhance skills in the professional occupational level and develop the business on the golf facilities. The cooperation agreement therefore aims to identify areas where the parties, at a strategic basis, can and should cooperate to develop golf and golf facilities inSweden.

” It is with great pleasure that I can confirm that GAF and SGF have found a constructive form of enhanced cooperation. Golf is in the midst of an extensive process of change and we are facing challenging and demanding tasks. With the cooperation agreement GAF will be the professional link between SGF / the Swedish House of Golf and the people in charge of operations at the golf facilities,” says Göran Näslund, chairman of the GAF and General Manager of Viksjö Golf Club.

” We are very pleased to have concluded a new and forward looking partnership agreement with GAF,” says Bo Bengtsson, Assistant Secretary General of the SGF.

SGF has golf clubs and golf facilities commissioned to develop the game of golf inSweden. GAF has a similar mission from its employees in the clubs and facilities. Together we can find good service and supply agreements and strengthen the skills and knowledge in all areas. It will be seen in the administrative programs and the new Club Manager education that will be a cooperation of four parties, which also includes SGA and PGA. GAF will be a key partner in efforts to develop best club commercial agreements and communicating them to the clubs, Bo Bengtsson finishes.

GAF is the professional link between SGF and club managements. Together, GAF and SGF ensure that the benefits and proceeds go back to the golfSwedenand not to third party operators.





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