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No COR limit for PGA club pro events

12.05am 20th December 2002 - Management Topics

The Professional Golfers’ Association has clarified its position in respect of the use of high COR drivers (the Coefficient of Restitution) and will not be introducing a limit of 0.830 in regional and national tournaments, with the exception of the PGA Europro Tour.

Sandy Jones, chief executive of the PGA said, “We have carefully considered all aspects of this ruling and made our decisions on the importance and essential need for our members to demonstrate and continue using the equipment they are selling to club golfers and top amateurs.

“The decision to exclude the PGA Europro Tour provides continuity for PGA professionals aspiring to join the main European Tour, which is applying the limit from 2003.”

This announcement follows rulings made earlier this year by the R&A and the USGA to regulate the ‘spring-like’ effect of driving clubs by introducing a worldwide limit of 0.830 COR as from 1st January 2008. From 1st January 2003 a condition of competition for highly skilled players can be introduced limiting COR to 0.830. The R&A has decided to introduce such a condition for The Open Championship in 2003 and beyond.

For most amateur competitions and all recreational golf under the R&A’s jurisdiction there will continue to be no ‘spring-like’ effect test or COR limit until 1st January 2008.



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