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New report on UK golf courses financial performance

10.00am 24th September 2001 - Management Topics

The latest edition of the annual report from Golf Research Group provides an overview of the size, direction and current economic condition of the UK golf market.

The UK average green fee is now £21.04 (2000: £20.68) up on average 19.0% over the last five years. The top 25% of courses (defined as those charging over £25 for a green fee) have been able to increase their average green fees by 28% since 1997 (from £30.63 to £39.23) while the bottom 25% of courses (defined as those charging less than £12.50 for a green fee) have been able to increase their green fees by only 12% over the same period (from £8.39 in 1997 to £9.43 now).

Golf Research Group says that in a bid to attract new members 32% of all proprietary courses no longer charge a joining fee. This compares with 22% four years ago. On the other hand the report shows that private member courses have not only continued to charge joining fees but to increase these fees every year in line with inflation, despite experiencing falling memberships.

The average number of rounds played over all UK 18-hole proprietary courses is 31,929.

Golf Research Group

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