Thursday, 22nd June, 2017

New guide to managing erosion at seaside courses

Story published at 13:00, Wednesday, December 20th, 2000

A new publication, written by HR Wallingford, reviews the options available for managing the erosion of sandy beaches and dunes.

Beach erosion affects not only the natural heritage but also business and recreational developments such as golf courses as well as the local environment. Many coastal defences put in place to combat erosion can unfortunately alter the natural evolution of coastlines, stabilise or obscure formerly dynamic habitats and reduce or impede sand supply to nearby shores. They may also have problems blending into the natural environment, particularly in rural locations, and may require periodic alterations to remain effective.

By visiting a number of sites around the Scottish coastline, including St Andrews, HR Wallingford applied their internationally renowned expertise in coastal management to analyse the current problems and provide guidelines for those involved in coastal zone planning.

The guide is available from Scottish National Heritage Publications, Battleby, Perth PH1 3EW