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Hole18 Ltd releases Golf Business Turnaround Manual

12.03pm 2nd February 2010 - Management Topics - This story was updated on Saturday, June 12th, 2010

In light of the recent gloomy news and hard times within the industry, Hole18 Ltd, the Scottish based golf business Growth and Profit Specialist has released a new manual called ‘Golf Business Turnaround, the 7 Essential Steps to Success’ written by John Quinn.

In the book John delivers concise and innovative advice and sets out a step by step blueprint that golf clubs can follow to get to grips with saving their facility from the brink.

The manual looks at:

  • Step 1.How to stem the flow of cash out of your business starting today and how to prime a pump that will see new cash flowing into your golf business fast
  • Step 2. John’s remarkable 10 Minute MBA or how to build a business model that works. In the book John reveals what he calls “The most powerful Diagram I have ever seen! I think its good enough to be called a 10 minute MBA!”
  • Step 3. An amazingly simple but powerful formula that will ensure your golf business stands head and shoulders above all of your competition.
  • Step 4. John’s revolutionary take on Marketing. John is known for getting straight to the point and in this Step he turns the commonly accepted view and perceived “wisdom” about Marketing firmly on its head! In this section John demonstrates and provides what he calls “paint by numbers” instructions for achieving all of the business you want with a vastly reduced Marketing budget.
  • Step 5 sees John again providing what can only be described as ABC style instructions and guidance to turn your golf business into a smooth, efficient and highly profitable machine. In this section John shows you how to cut out 80% of the “work” you currently do; rejuvenate and inspire your tired staff to achieve amazing results and how to put all of that on autopilot to ensure your future success.
  • Although John says that Step 6 is not the most exciting part of the book, he delivers the most remarkable system for adding extra profit to your bottom line at no extra cost.
  • Step 7 sees John finishing with a flourish by sharing yet another brilliant system which ensures that your business performance will keep on improving in the future.

John says “Step 7 is essentially a method for bringing all of the previous steps together into an automatic business improvement system. Even after you’ve applied the first 6 steps and have a thriving, profitable golf business, this step pretty much guarantees that even a very efficient business will improve bottom line performance by at least 10% every 3 months.”

At the end of the book John delivers a surprise 8th step in the shape of free trial access to the Hole18 Members website where readers of the book can access a plethora of templates and resources to help them get off to a flying start.

The book is available for instant download from


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