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‘Golfers should pass test on course care’

11.36am 22nd February 2013 - Management Topics

Today's GolferGolfers should take an etiquette test…74% of golfers directly blame greenkeepers (course superintendents) if the course is below expectations…almost half of golfers repair pitch marks badly. These are just some of the fascinating findings after Today’s Golfer surveyed selected members of BIGGA (British and International Greenkeepers Association) recently, and published the results in their latest issue (now on sale).

Today’s Golfer acknowledged that golfers are quick to criticise when they feel elements of the course are unsatisfactory, but slow to praise greenkeepers when the course looks good and plays great.

So they contacted BIGGA and with their advice came up with the survey. Its aim was to help golfers across the UK understand in more detail the skill and hard work that enables them to play on well-maintained courses and to show greater appreciation of the huge amount of work that goes into maintaining a golf course. Hundreds of BIGGA members responded! More than nine in ten greenkeepers believe that golfers should pass a test on course care before they are allowed to play the game

Today’s Golfer enjoys a large readership and BIGGA hopes that this survey will not only raise the profile of greenkeeping but also educate golfers on the intricacies of golf course care.

It is clear that ‘communication’ and ‘education’ are the key words when it comes to increasing the respect golfers have for greenkeepers, and a lack of understanding of a greenkeeper’s role is a real bugbear for BIGGA members and, no doubt, course superintendents around the world.

The survey will be reproduced in the March edition of Greenkeeper International with the kind permission of Today’s Golfer


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