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EGU and EWGA to re-open merger talks

7.57am 16th December 2008 - Management Topics

The English Golf Union (EGU) and the English Women’s Golf Association (EWGA) are to revisit the possibility of a merger between the two organisations.

The merger has been considered before, however new talks have been scheduled with the first informal meeting taking place in the New Year.

John Petrie, the CEO of the EGU expressed his thoughts on the potential merger, saying, “I am looking forward to the discussions with the EWGA as their aspirations about the development and future of golf reflect those of the EGU. As a result of our joint activity and successes through the England Golf Partnership further talks regarding a merger make sense.”

The EGU has about 740,000 members in over 1,900 clubs and the EWGA represents about 120,000 women and girl members of about 1,780 golf clubs.

English Women’s Golf Association

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