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CONGU and LGU aim for unified handicapping scheme

8.30am 2nd October 2001 - Management Topics

For some time, The Ladies’ Golf Union and The Council of National Golf Unions have discussed how a unified Handicapping Scheme could be adopted to cater for both men and women.

With the aim of producing a draft of such a scheme for consideration by the appropriate National Governing Bodies, a joint committee is currently appraising the remaining differences.

It is expected that a unified scheme will be based on the CONGU scheme, with amendments and additions to cater for situations that are unique to ladies’ golf.

The advantages of a unified scheme include a single software package, simplified administration within golf clubs, future proposed ‘centralised handicapping’ within Unions, a wider pool of information for research into future refinements and a greater world wide acceptance of a single system that applies to both men and women.

The current CONGU Standard Scratch Score and Handicapping Scheme was introduced in 1983 and the revised edition has been effective from 1st January this year while the modified LGU Handicapping and Scratch Score System was first introduced on 1st February 1998 with the current edition effective from 1st February 2001.

There will be no changes in the existing schemes before 2003.

CONGU Tel: 01704-31800

LGU Tel: 01334-475811

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