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Tournament organisers trust Golf Genius to keep score

3.29pm 16th June 2020 - Innovation Centre - This story was updated on Thursday, June 18th, 2020

Golf Genius Software is helping to facilitate professional and amateur golf’s return to competitive action with its tournament management software supporting contactless events.

The recently announced Rose Ladies Series, in which Justin and Kate Rose are sponsoring a series of eight women’s golf tournaments for British professionals, has opted to use Golf Genius to manage the events.

Commenting on the decision, Paul McDonnell, Director of European Golf for Excel Sports Management, said: “On the recommendation of three of our host venues who are already using Golf Genius, I reviewed the product and shared it with Justin. We were immediately blown away with how good the software is in terms of registering and taking payment, through to the contactless scoring of events and management of the order of merit. We really feel that Golf Genius is the best option out there for us as a one-stop-shop to pull all of the logistics of the series together.”

For tours and leagues, Golf Genius offers a complete and easy solution catering for any innovative events or series setup. Benefits of using the software include a portal for registration and taking payment that keeps organisers, players and fans informed of the latest results, schedule and standings.

As a measure for maintaining safe and contactless golf, digital scoring is one of the key features of Golf Genius’ interactive tournament management software.

The 2020protour, as well as recognised amateur organisations such as the Mizuno Golf Pairs and Golfingdays, have been using Golf Genius to tackle the challenge of returning to playing again.

Chris Hanson, co-founder of 2020protour, commented: “Running player-friendly events has been easy with Golf Genius. From online tour membership and payment to the communication and scoring, Golf Genius’ intuitive platform makes it simple for us to organise quality events with a professional feel. We look forward to growing the tour with Golf Genius by our side.”

Craig Higgs, Managing Director of Golf Genius International, commented: “The market is growing up around these smaller tours, both professional and amateur, as golf looks to cautiously get moving the the coming weeks. We are well placed to help both professional and amateur tours with a complete solution that helps organisers maximise golf this season in an effective and safe way.”

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