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One-Stop Junior Golf Academy Launched In Asia

12.29pm 19th May 2015 - Growing the Game

Lakhana Tavedikul
Lakhana Tavedikul

Asia’s first one-stop junior golf academy is now a reality and it has been launched as the International Preparatory Golf Academy (IPGA).

Operating out of Bangkok, Thailand, the primary thrust of the IPGA is to create a well-rounded junior golfer with the perfect mix of academic grounding and a strong foundation in how to play the game of golf at the highest level possible.

The establishment of this academy is unique in that it is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia, if not all of Asia.

The driving force behind this world-class facility is the American School of Bangkok, a long established academic institution committed to providing the best in education.

The visionary behind the actualisation of this dream is Mrs. Lakhana Didyasarin Tavedikul, founder and director of The American School of Bangkok. “The American School of Bangkok is proud of the success of its golf programme and believes the timing is right to dedicate resources to establish the International Preparatory Golf Academy,” said Mrs. Tavedikul.

“We want the region’s current and future junior golfers to enjoy the benefits of learning the game of golf from certified PGA of America Golf Professionals, so we have partnered with PGA of America Golf Professional Tony Meechai, who has an extensive network around the globe”.

With its proven track record in academic studies, the school has now will focus on three key elements that are vital for the development of junior golfers. These three elements are:

Over the years, many ASB students have received scholarships at well recognized colleges and universities around the world, which is to the credit of the school and to the high academic standards that it has set since its founding.

Commenting on the establishment of IPGA, Tony Meechai said, “We are highly excited to assist in the establishment of the IPGA at the American School of Bangkok! There are junior golfers who have a burning passion to get an education in the United States, but find it difficult to attend golf academies in the United States”.

According to Meechai, many do not want their children to leave home or to be too far away from home at such an early age. “Now with the establishment of the IPGA, this provides those families in Southeast Asia with junior golfers to have access to quality American-style education and a matching golf development programme without having to go to the United States,” Meechai pointed out.

Meechai explained that IPGA will be run to very stringent and demanding standards designed to prepare students to excel both in scholastic work and in golf. “We aim to be the best and there’s only one direction that we can aim for and that’s upwards!” Meechai emphasised. The IPGA is a self-contained facility with a specially designed outdoor driving range, indoor simulators and full access to the 18-hole Green Valley Golf Course which is adjacent to the school.

The IPGA at ASB, according to Meechai, will follow international standards and will led by certified and highly skilled PGA of America golf professionals with each enrolled student being provided a customized ‘plan’ which is a comprehensive approach to help students accelerate their development in all areas of golf but, more importantly, in the areas of mental composure, health and nutrition, physical fitness, academics and social and life skills.

At ASB, the student-athletes are provided with a supportive and challenging academic environment, which follows a fully accredited U.S. Curriculum. The IPGA golf programme training helps students embrace the key qualities of goal setting and commitment, along with a consistent work ethic that provides a direct and positive impact on their academics, golf, and personal objectives.

The IPGA’s mission is to graduate well-educated student athletes who are prepared both mentally and physically to take their place in the world and succeed at the highest levels in both golf and life.

“The IPGA is working with a number of institutions in America to ensure that our students and graduates find acceptance in golf programmes at some of the finest institutions in the world,” added Mrs. Tavedikul.


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