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International Junior Golf Academy offers Power Tee technology

11.45am 21st February 2020 - Growing the Game - This story was updated on Tuesday, August 18th, 2020

A few weeks ago the Power Tee marketing team travelled up the East Coast to visit customers in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland.

The team stopped by and filmed their partners’ facilities, highlighting all each facility has to offer for their golfers. The first stop of the trip was in Bluffton, South Carolina at the International Junior Golf Academy (IJGA).

IJGA is more than a golf academy; they offer golf boarding school, post graduate programs, weekly programs, camps, and lifestyle programs. The focus at IJGA is getting their students ready for golf in college and even life after that. IJGA has about 50 players that represent 17-19 different countries from around the world.

The facility offers 5 Power Tee bays inside the hitting bays, a Swing Catalyst and Trackman room where they gather data for their students, a 5,000 sq. foot chipping and pitching area inside, and a 9 hole challenge course and a short game Himalaya challenge course.


Daniel Jackson, Senior Instructor at IJGA, says they only offer the best and latest technology for their students, to make sure their students are the best. Daniel believes from a coaching point of view; Power Tee is easier and more efficient to coach on compared to a regular hitting mat or grass and makes a huge improvement in students training.

“With the Power Tees you are offered variable tee heights. With those, you can go from an iron to a driver with the next ball being teed up and it’s all at the touch of a button. With a regular mat at a driving range, you tend to find it very difficult to get the tee in to the mat and also at the perfect height you need it, so you then have to take time away from practice to struggle with a tee. Power Tee makes it so much easier to train but also to coach. We knew when we designed our facility with indoor bays, we were going to install Power Tee.”

The students at IJGA know what serious training is. 90% of the students that graduated from IJGA in 2019 are now playing golf in college, 87% in 2018, and 90% in 2017. IJGA believes they are the driving force behind the best junior golfers, and they offer their elite students Power Tee as a huge part of their training.

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