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FlingGolf To Be Exhibited at PGA Merchandise Show

11.32pm 23rd January 2018 - Growing the Game - This story was updated on Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

FlingGolf, the wildly popular hybrid sport played with a single ‘FlingStick’ and a golf ball, will be exhibited at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Booth 3388, starting tomorrow (January 24).

2017 was a very good year for FlingGolf. Through partnerships with the National Golf Course Owners Association and Major League Lacrosse, the sport has gained in growth and popularity among millennials, families and non-golfers due to the simple nature of the game. Invest in one single lightweight FlingStick and you are ready to play!

FlingGolf can be played right alongside traditional golfers, even in the same foursome, just like snowboarding and skiing. It’s easy to learn, fast paced and family friendly. Most importantly for course owners, FlingGolf requires no alteration to the golf course, causes no damage, and drives additional revenue simply and easily by selling or renting FlingSticks and booking more rounds.

“Many course operators are seeing the benefits of FlingGolf,” said Alex Van Alen, CEO of PlusOne Sports and the Founder of FlingGolf. “FlingGolf provides a common-sense pathway for new players to enjoy the course and for traditional golfers, it offers a fun, new twist on the game. It’s a win-win.”

A regulation golf ball can be hurled over 200 yards with a FlingStick and the game follows the same rules of golf with a few variations. For example, if the ball lands in a bunker, water hazard or out-of-bounds, a Fling golfer must then take a one-stroke penalty. The ball is put back in play by removing the ball from the bunker or hazard along the line of flight and taking the next shot. Van Alen was recently invited to demonstrate FlingGolf at Pinehurst Golf Resort ‘the Cradle of American Golf’ to over 150 participants, and recently more than 140 Billy Casper Golf Courses have become ‘FlingGolf Friendly’.

“FlingGolf is the real deal. What you see is what you get,” said Van Alen. “Club pros and facilities like Pinehurst Resort are appreciating the simplicity of the sport and the family engagement it generates because anyone can play along no matter the skill level. It’s infusing fun back onto the golf course.”

And courses are making good revenue off of FlingGolf as well. Brett Mowbray, PGA Professional at Massanutten Resort in Virginia, was just recently highlighted in PGA Magazine (Dec. 2017) for his success in generating 4500 rounds and over $100,000 from FlingGolf at Woodstone Meadows Golf Course.

“Golf is about tradition and millennials are about more casual experiences,” said Mowbray. “So we were looking for anything new that could spark their interest and help us increase revenue.”

For those who like lacrosse, baseball, or hockey, and a more active style of play, FlingGolf delivers. FlingGolf teaches the rules and basics of traditional golf while providing players a complementary and easy introduction to the golf course.


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