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Top Speakers commit to Moscow Leadership Golf Conference

11.26am 21st September 2012 - Exhibitions & Conferences

Following the very successful Leadership Golf Conferences in Slovakia and Czech Republic Conference organisers Engo Group have been able to attract a panel of top speakers to their Leadership Golf Conference in Moscowto be held on Thursday 8th November at Hotel Vega Izmailovo Best Western

“We were glad to get a lot of positive feedback,” says Project Co-ordinator Lucia Huberova. “Not only from the participants, but also from the sponsors, for whom it was an extraordinary opportunity to make new contacts.”

The Moscow Conference, which is aimed at Developers, Constructors, Owners and General Managers of golf resorts, has attracted high calibre speakers such as Muriel Muirden, Vice President Strategy WATG; Peter Harradine, Principal of Harradine Golf; Jo Maes, Director of Golfhub and Golfswitch; Laurence Pithie, Managing Director Turf Master One;  and Richard Hayden, Managing Director of Operation STRI.

The full list of speakers and Conference topics can be seen (in three languages) at

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