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BTME proves a huge attraction

10.24am 27th January 2012 - Exhibitions & Conferences - This story was updated on Thursday, February 2nd, 2012


Harrogate Week 2012

The second day at BTME in Harrogate is traditionally the busiest and Wednesday was no exception with a remarkable 3,810 visitors choosing to spend the day in Halls A, B, C and M.

That marked an increase of more than 1,000 on the Wednesday of 2011. The figure is even more impressive than in 2010 (the last four hall show) when 2,657 visited.

The overall attendance figure for the three days was 8,386 as against 6,018 for last year and 5,883 for 2010 representing percentage increases of 39.3% and 42.5% rises respectively.

Exhibitors were delighted with both the quantity and the quality of the visitors with visitors attending from several different countries. Several club managers/owners were there along with their course manager colleagues.

“It has been super,” said BLEC Director, Gary Mumby. “I would say that it was the best show that we have attended in six years.”

“I’m delighted that the Show has been such a great success,” said BIGGA CEO, Jim Croxton. “I hope that everyone who has attended believes that it is time well-invested.”

BIGGA Communications Manager Scott MacCallum said, “I’d put it down to the increased marketing we did in advance and perhaps the fact that the weather over the last couple of years was pretty lousy. Needless to say we are absolutely delighted and feel that it is a great platform for next year.”



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  • we had a fantastic show on the DLF and Johnsons sports seed stand, the demand for information on the new seed range was so great on the wednesday we struggled to keep up and by mid morning thursday we had actually run out! i think its a great sign that despite all of the gloom that the media like to constantly spread there seems to be a great level of posistivity in the trade!

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