Global Edition

TopGolf for USA

12.40am 6th June 2005 - Courses

Golf Entertainment International is launching its first U.S. TopGolf Game Centre in the Washington area on Saturday, 23rd July. The $4.5 million state-of-the-art facility features a points- scoring golf game played with real clubs and premium golf balls containing tiny microchips personalized to each player that give instant feedback on how far they hit the ball and the accuracy of each shot. Players aim to score as many points as possible by hitting into 11 target greens situated between 25 and 240 yards from the tee-line.
Families or groups of friends can take part in a lively competition based on who has the best score. Scores are posted on a large electronic leader board as well as relayed back to a flat screen monitor in the bay that provides instant feedback to players. Unlike a driving range where typically only one person stands in a bay at a time, the TopGolf bays can accommodate up to five people, making it a fun and inviting atmosphere for players of all ages and abilities.
The Centre will have 78 heated and covered bays on two levels, together with the cafe-bar area, conference room and a large retail outlet. The Kingstowne facility, located on the site of the former Mid-Atlantic Golf Driving Range at 6625 South Van Dorn Street, is just south of the I-495 loop and east of I-95.
The first TopGolf Centre opened in Watford, England in 2002 and by the end of next month there will be three such centres in the London area.

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