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Parliamentary Golf Group supports Beckenham Place Park Golf Course

2.38pm 17th June 2016 - Courses

The Mansion House at Beckenham Place Park
The Mansion House at Beckenham Place Park

The All Party Parliamentary Golf Group has written to Lewisham Council regarding the future of Beckenham Place Park Golf Course.

The course, which was the first ever public golf course in England and the only public course in central London, has been marked for closure by Lewisham Council as part of improvements to Beckenham Place Park.

In the letter Group Chairman Karl McCartney MP asks the council to reconsider plans to close the course, and to consider the health and social benefits that golf provides to the local community. The letter notes “public courses play a significant role in offering access to golf for new players, and closure of the course will limit access to the sport, as well as opportunities for people to take part in physical activity and keep healthy.”

Responding to the letter, Mayor of Lewisham Sir Steve Bullock stated “the decision to close the course was made following a full consultation which included a detailed consideration of the views and interests of all parties, including those of golfers.”

Members of the Parliamentary Golf Group plan to visit the Beckenham Place Park in the coming months to discuss the future of the course.

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Beckenham Place Park Golf Course

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