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Fun-filled Safari Adventure Golf Opens at Hersham Golf Club

12.27pm 31st July 2015 - Courses

Safari Adventure Golf is great fun
Safari Adventure Golf is great fun

A fun-filled, safari-themed 18 holes of Adventure Golf has opened up at Hersham Golf Club in Surrey.

Safari Adventure Golf provides kids, teenagers and adults alike with a series of putting challenges set against the backdrop of a host of typical safari features that are linked by landscaped pathways and sound effects. This is where golf is fun, wild and all things safari!

A growling caged gorilla, a scary lion in mid roar, an elephant trumpeting water from its trunk, a giant cannibals’ cauldron, a jeep painted in zebra stripes and a light aircraft that has nose-dived into the ground are just some of the crazy creations that characterize the course.

To add to the atmosphere, participants must take a rope pulley ferry from one hole to another mid-way through their round whilst an imposing smoking volcano water feature stands 3.5 m wide and 3m high and a towering 2.5m cave create dramatic centrepieces in the brand new facility.

Hersham Golf Club has added the Safari Adventure Golf to its 18-hole golf course in order to diversify its offering and make the destination more family-friendly.

“Safari Adventure Golf is a fun and interesting way of getting kids into the game of golf and gives mums and dads the chance to entertain their kids whilst also doing something physically active,” comments Mehmet Arkin, CEO of Hersham Golf Club and Safari Adventure Golf.

“With the summer holidays here, this is an ideal place to come with the children, get them outdoors, and let them learn a new skill in a relaxed and leafy environment. With prices starting at just £7 for children under six for a round that takes an hour to an hour and a half to complete, the facility also offers great value for money.”

Whilst the club is ideal for young children, the club envisages that the venue will also attract teenagers looking for some good, clean fun combined with a bit of competitive edge. It is also seen as a great place for youngsters to meet up at on a casual night out.

Safari Adventure Golf is also a fantastic and unusual venue in which to host a kid’s party and to hold corporate team-building events for which the club can provide refreshments – safari-themed of course! – afterwards in the newly-renovated clubhouse.

The Safari Golf Adventure will officially welcome visitors from August 1 and is open from 9.00 am until 10.00 pm, thanks to floodlighting. It can be easily reached by car, bus or train as Hersham Railway is just three minutes walk away.

For children between four and sixteen years old, a round of Adventure Golf costs £7 whilst adults will be charged £8.50. Special family tickets start at just £26.

This unique putting course was put together in association with City Golf Europe, a company that specialises in constructing themed putting courses.

City Golf Europe

Hersham Golf Club

Safari Adventure Golf

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