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‘We’re ready’ say BRS Golf and over 300 golf clubs

7.48am 11th August 2009 - Corporate

While the EGU ‘Are You Ready?’ campaign is advising clubs to start promoting themselves online, over 300 clubs are already enjoying the benefits, thanks to market leader BRS Golf’s online diary and tee booking system, writes Charles de Haan.

In the latest issue of Inside Line, BRS Golf reveals the trends and conclusions about the market for online golf from the company’s 300+ customers, and shares the opinions of several club managers as to why they chose BRS Golf for e-marketing, promoting membership and income generation.

With over 300 clubs, 105,000 members and 90,000 visitors using their system in the last 12 months, BRS is the far and away the market leader in the UK and Ireland in online booking and tee time management applications.

From the 7 million bookings made through their system BRS has drawn some significant conclusions about online booking and market trends. In 2008 using their BRS systems these clubs have:
• Enabled their members to make over 1.5 million bookings
• Attracted £1.5 million in online tee time revenue booked through clubs’ websites
• Attracted hundreds of new memberships
• Sent on average 2 e-newsletters a month to their members and visitors using the BRS marketing feature.

The online revenue figure of bookings through club websites alone has increased by 450% over the past 24 months, reinforcing the almost exponential growth of online golf bookings.

Another major finding is that the members in the clubs with BRS Golf’s system far prefer to use the system to book their games instead of waiting on the first tee, when they can do so in convenience and comfort at home or in the office instead of wasting time calling or travelling to their golf club to see if and when the tee will be free when they want to play.

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