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US court victory for Acushnet

6.00pm 5th September 2000 - Corporate

A federal district judge in the United States has issued a preliminary injunction against Spalding Sports Worldwide Inc, prohibiting it from marketing and introducing a new line of golf shoes under the same name trademarked by Acushnet Co.

Pending further order from the court, U.S. District Judge Douglas P. Woodlock granted a motion preliminarily enjoining and restraining Spalding from distributing, marketing or selling golf shoes, or any other products, with the designation ECOMFORT — or a symbol that resembles Acushnet’s ECOMFORT trademark.

Acushnet, the manufacturer of Titleist, FootJoy and Cobra golf equipment, launched its ECOMFORT shoe line in the United States earlier this year, having applied for trademark registration in January 2000. The range will be unveiled in Europe later this month. Spalding has been preparing to introduce a line of shoes under the same name, which prompted Acushnet to file its complaint.

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