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Revolutionary high-speed cleaner: The Zelup® Gun

11.17pm 4th October 2016 - Corporate

Zelup Gun
Zelup Gun

Zelup®, founded in 2012 by Thomas Issler, has invented a revolutionary and patented cleaning technology. Thanks to the hydro-pneumatic defragmentation of water by high pressured air, the Zelup® Gun is the first 3 in 1 ecological high -speed cleaner.

The Zelup® Gun uses only 25cl per minute, that’s to say 40 times less than other high pressure systems. For example, it can easily clean 4 buggy wheels with less than 1 litre of water, a set of clubs or your electric trolley with less than 25cls of water.

The double trigger allows the user to switch from the cleaning mode (propels a combination of air and water) to drying mode (propels air). And thanks to its accessory brushes, it can clean any surface and golf materials in no time.

Non-abrasive, The Zelup® Gun does not damage the surface that needs cleaning. 100% safe, the Zelup® Gun can be used by anyone without the need for protective clothing.

Created by a golfer for golfers, it’s the ideal tool for cleaning all your equipment! That’s why more than 200 Golf Club in Europe have chosen Zelup for their cleaning stations.

To book a demonstration call Tim Greenwood, the Master Agent for the UK and Ireland appointed in May 2016, on 07815 097928


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