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Putting to the Nth degree

12.10am 1st April 2008 - Corporate

Out of one of the foremost biomechanics software laboratories comes a world first. The New Quintic Ball Roll System gives putting coaches and putter custom-fit professionals the kind of analysis tool that they’ve never had before. What it means is that golfers need never be uncertain of the performance of their putters again.

The 2008 Quintic Ball Roll software tracks the ball for the first 12″ of the putt. It then instantly and clearly shows the ball speed, sidespin, angular rotation, vertical bounce, and point at which true roll occurs. Crucially as well – and this is the most significant advance on Quintic’s already pioneering analysis tools – all of the above are reflected graphically and numerically in a way that was formerly only available for full swing analysis software for irons and woods.

Putter manufacturers can use this tool to test their equipment,  sign better putters, and as a sales tool to show the golf professionals how to increase putter sales over the counter. The over-the-counter part is key. Pros who make a living out of retail and coaching have been web-watch-time-wasters’ victims for too long. This is the practice whereby customers waste a pro’s time by trying out equipment in the shop and then sourcing the cheapest price on the internet.

Golf professionals will be able to more accurately fit their customers for a putter, give better coaching and sell more putters as part of a demonstrable package. Golfers themselves can all benefit from using the system because they will be getting facts to back up their decision on which putter is performing best and see if any alterations need to be made to fine-tune the putter to their stroke.

Shifting the Putter Paradigm
The brains behind the new software is Dr Paul Hurrion – Quintic MD and biomechanics adviser to top European Tour Pros and bodies like the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI).

“Putting accounts for over 40% of a golfer’s strokes and yet, most players buy a putter by taking a few off the rack and trying them in the shop or on a practice green – often after a bad round,” reasons Hurrion. “Up until now, you could see how your ball was skidding and then rolling forward, but there was no way to quantify it alongside hook or cut side spin analysis.

“Attaining proper lie and loft will help the ball roll better but there are other factors involved. The ultimate goal is to get the ball to roll as soon as possible with as little side spin as possible. This easy tool shows you exactly what the ball is doing.”

Another important point is that the software calculates the point at which true roll occurs. Side spin (hook or cut) will have a negative effect on how soon the ball achieves true roll. It’s now possible to know, through this new Quintic Ball Roll Software, that a ball could have more forward rotation at 18″ but not achieve true roll as quickly as a ball that had less rotation at 18″, due to greater sidespin imparted by the putter.

“We introduced the software at the PGA show in Orlando in January,” beams Hurrion. “In less than 5 minutes we were able accurately to fit a golfer to the most suitable putter for him – not just from a lie and loft perspective but also as to blade vs mallet, centre shaft vs heel shaft, and face balanced vs toe heavy. Golfers were both amazed and impressed by how simple and easy it was – suddenly they had tangible results that they could see for themselves. Golf Professionals just couldn’t wait for the launch of this Software to enhance their putter fitting and putting coaching capabilities and convert more enquiries.”

The Quintic 2008 Ball Roll Software is available from A single licence costs just $995 (£499 or €629) and discounts apply for 5 or more licenses or if purchased with other Quintic Video Analysis products.

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