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ProLink Solutions says ‘Business as usual’

10.00am 2nd December 2005 - Corporate

ProLink Solutions, LLC — the world’s largest provider of global positioning satellite (“GPS”) systems for golf courses — today announced that it intends to vigorously defend a patent infringement lawsuit filed in London by GPS Industries against it and its overseas distributor partners Elumina Iberica SA and Elumina Iberica Limited.
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ProLink is confident that its GPS systems do not infringe on any patents that it does not either own or license and therefore does not believe that the
claims in the lawsuit have any merit.
“What is important for our course partners and prospective customers to realize that this lawsuit will have no impact on ProLink’s business or customers globally,” said Bain and Mark Smart, managing director of Elumina Iberica SA, in a joint statement, noting that the claim will not have any effect on the companies‘ sales, service and, ultimately, customer satisfaction.
“We believe that this is an example of a company in financial distress that is unable to compete effectively in the marketplace and is therefore using the legal system in an attempt to disrupt our financial and market success with a meritless claim,” said Mr. Smart.
ProLink Solutions

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