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PGA Professionals to offer ‘healthy alternative’

2.37pm 10th January 2018 - Corporate

A more natural food product will soon be on the menu at golf clubs across the country as healthy snack brand, The Primal Pantry becomes an official supplier to the PGA.

The brainchild of nutritionist, marketer and ‘mumpreneur’, Suzie Walker; The Primal Pantry’s mission is to rid the world of processed foods. They make and sell the UK’s first raw, vegan, gluten free and dairy free paleo bars; made with just three to eight real food ingredients. There are no preservatives, colours, refined sugars or any other nasties.

(from left) Ben Theobald (International Marketing), Suzie Walker (Founder), Dominic Maxwell (Sales Director) and Abbie Tuttle (Marketing) image courtesy of Adrian Milledg

There are currently five energy snack bars to choose from and four high-protein energy bars. The high-protein range is fortified with hemp, a plant-protein which contains all the amino acids you’d expect to find in a chicken breast. Hemp is an incredible ingredient; unlike most plant-protein it matches the nutritional profile of animal protein.

As part of the three-year agreement with the PGA, golfers will be able to purchase both of The Primal Pantry’s snack bar ranges in club shops across the UK and Ireland.

The Primal Pantry will also be looking to support several regional tournaments over the next three years by providing its latest products to PGA Members.

Suzie Walker, Founder of The Primal Pantry, said: “We wanted to give players more choice when it comes to what is available to them after a round of golf.

“We’ve found that having spoken to people who play the sport, their only choice seemed to be chocolate bars or a packet of crisps.

“People are becoming more active in various parts of their lives and they’re moving away from selecting sugar-laden products, like chocolate bars and energy drinks, to those that are based  on real food ingredients.

“This partnership is about opening up a new market. Hopefully we can attract the players that weren’t buying anything because there was nothing else healthy for them to choose from.

“Our products give golfers more choice when it comes to choosing suitable snacks before or after a round on the course.”

Suzie has an immense passion for real food and created her first healthy on-the-go snack in 2013. It was in response to a growing market with increasing demand for products free from dairy, gluten, sugars, soy and overly processed ingredients.

The first bar was made simply with some dried fruit, nuts and a blender. Just months later The Primal Pantry had launched three energy snack bars, which were soon extended to five, including more recently, a superfood bar with acai berries and mix of super-seeds.

All of The Primal Pantry’s bars are gluten free, dairy free and vegan friendly.

Hamish Ferguson, Executive Director – Property & Commercial at the PGA, added: “We’re delighted to announce this exciting new three-year partnership with The Primal Pantry.

“Suzie’s passion for producing healthy on-the-go snacks is there for all to see and we’re keen to help push The Primal Pantry into the sporting market as their demographic moves towards golf.

“It will provide our PGA members with another way to help maximise revenue while offering a healthy alternative in their club shop.”

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