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New Odyssey models

12.10am 19th August 2002 - Corporate

Callaway Golf Company (NYSE: ELY) has announced that two new models of the best-selling Odyssey® White Hot® “2-Ball” Putter are scheduled to hit golf shops around the world this month. The new Odyssey White Hot “2-Ball” Mid and Long Putters have extended-length shafts for players who prefer “belly” or “broomstick”-style putters. These putters utilize the same unique alignment-enhancing design as the standard-length Odyssey White Hot “2-Ball” Putter, which is the best-selling putter of 2002 and has been used to win more than a dozen tour events since its introduction. Odyssey Golf, a brand of Callaway Golf, leads the world’s six major professional tours combined in wins and putter usage again this year.

The design concept of the Odyssey White Hot “2-Ball” Mid and Long Putters allows golfers to anchor the butt end of the putter shaft while freeing the putter head to swing back and through – eliminating wrist action from the putting stroke. The Odyssey White Hot “2-Ball” Mid Putter will appeal to golfers who want to anchor the putter to their navel while bending at the waist in a traditional putting stance. Meanwhile, the Odyssey White Hot “2-Ball” Long Putter can be anchored to the chest or chin using a more upright stance. Prototype versions of the Odyssey White Hot “2-Ball” Mid and Long Putters have become increasingly popular with professionals on the six worldwide tours for the past several months.

The Odyssey White Hot “2-Ball” Putter Models have extended mallet heads with the unique “2-Ball” alignment system. Two circular alignment discs located directly behind the sweet spot of the putter head help golfers to line up their putts with greater accuracy. The face-balanced design helps keep the putter stable through impact, and the heavy mallet head promotes a smooth stroke. The patented White Hot insert is both soft and resilient, creating great feel with optimal distance control.

The Odyssey White Hot “2-Ball” Mid and Long Putters each feature proprietary lightweight, round wrapped Winn Grips. The distinctive black-and-white swirl grips are soft and durable – and available exclusively on all Odyssey White Hot Mid and Long Putters. The Mid model has one extended grip, while the Long model has a split grip that conforms to the rules of golf around the world.

The Odyssey White Hot “2-Ball” Mid Putters will be available in 41-, 43- and 45-inch models, while the Odyssey White Hot “2-Ball” Long Putters will be available in 46-, 48- and 50-inch models. Right-handed models of all putters are scheduled to ship in mid-August, while left-handed models are scheduled to be available by November. The suggested retail price for each Odyssey White Hot “2-Ball” Mid and Long Putter is £199.00

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