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Maxfli Golf introduces SpeedMAX

8.15am 9th November 2005 - Corporate

Maxfli Golf, a brand of TaylorMade-adidas Golf Company, has introduced a new golf ball called SpeedMAX, a three-piece ball that incorporates four critical elements which work together to fuel its exceptional performance, and they are the cover, the mantle – known as SpeedMantle – the core, and the 442-dimple pattern.
The key objective that Maxfli engineers set out to accomplish with SpeedMAX was above-average ball speed. They succeeded, thanks chiefly to the development of the SpeedMantle, a thin layer sandwiched between the cover and the core. SpeedMantle is comprised of HPF 1000, a material created by DuPont that is soft yet extraordinarily resilient, so much so that it significantly increases the speed at which the ball leaves the clubface.
That’s not the only way that SpeedMantle contributes to SpeedMAX’s high performance. SpeedMantle also helps to minimize spin off the driver, which further optimizes distance, and contributes to soft feel and increased backspin off the short irons.
SpeedMAX will become available at retail in December and has a recommended retail price of £22.00.

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