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Jonas Club Software Partners with Beanworks

1.32pm 30th June 2018 - Corporate

Jonas has announced a collaborative relationship with Beanworks for Clubs, North America’s exclusive reseller to private clubs of the BeanworksAP & Paperless Workflow solution.

Paul Gillard – VP of Sales & Marketing at Jonas Club Software – says, “Our clients will always come first in our mind, which is why we are excited to offer them an automated accounts payable solution. Especially since Beanworks’ user-friendly software is the perfect solution for our clients looking to help streamline their accounts payable process.

“Many private clubs have a manual accounts payable process. Couple that with their busy schedules and they are often stressed for time. With Beanworks, you gain real-time visibility into the status of every invoice while saving your club time and money. “

As of June 2018, there are already 17 private clubs now using BeanworksAP. And with clients only singing strong praise, they continue to grow at a rapid pace.

Jeremy Hoch – Co-Owner of Beanworks for Clubs – says, “Our private club clients have embraced the BeanworksAP platform with great enthusiasm. BeanworksAP streamlines the AP process with its advanced approval channel technology yet simple coding function. And a strong relationship with Jonas makes the handshake between the two solutions a breeze.”

Beanworks online accounts payable solution will offer private clubs the ability to:

Jonas Club Software

Beanworks for Clubs

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