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Improving Water Efficiency across Britain’s Golf Courses

7.15am 1st February 2016 - Corporate

Bailoy’s new GTI-EC system
Bailoy’s new GTI-EC system

Bailoy took its popular GTI-EC and GTI-PC controllers to BTME. Both the GTI-EC, which launched in 2014 and the more established GTI-PC, are, says the irrigation control system specialist, “selling and performing extremely well”.

Since its introduction, the GTI-EC has been snapped up by over 20 sites in the UK keen to benefit from a new irrigation control system without having to change decoders.

Adam Lovejoy, managing director of Bailoy, says: “The GTI-EC enables greenkeepers and groundsmen to immediately irrigate in millimetres or minutes, and improve their water efficiency dramatically through Bailoy’s flow-managed technology.”

Ideal for sites using the old SC1000/3000 or TW2 control systems only the controller needs to be replaced, old decoders or cabling can be re-used or phased out later if needed. It is ideal, says Adam, for sites with restricted budgets: “The GTI-EC is not only an immediate low cost option for improved irrigation, but also works to save money in the long run too.”

Bailoy has also been working on adding to the already extensive list of features of its popular GTI-PC system. Moving with the times, the PC-based system, which can utilise between two and 16 control cables to cater for large and small sites, and has the ability to run up to 114 stations per control cable on the Trident System and 109 stations per control cable on the Gemini system, will be Windows 10 compatible from the end of February.

Adam says this is the logical next step in making the controller even easier to use. “Upgrading to a GTI-PC system has always offered the user the ability to greatly improve the performance and reliability of their irrigation. By making it Windows 10 compatible we’re responsibly responding to developments in technology and the requirements of the ever-changing marketplace.”

The GTI-PC system, which operates up to ten decoders on each control cable simultaneously, greatly increases system efficiency and allow irrigation programmes to be setup and completed quicker, saving both time and money.

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