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Foremost EMP Members Lead Sales during Titleist Winter Ball Promotion

12.15am 30th January 2014 - Corporate - This story was updated on Saturday, February 1st, 2014

Foremost Titleist promotionForemost Golf’s Elite Marketing Programme (EMP) members enjoyed a bumper Christmas bonanza thanks to the success of the recent Titleist Ball Personalisation promotion.

Foremost members sold very nearly 50,000 golf balls during the promotion but it was the Foremost members with their digital EMP and integrated retail solution that once again dramatically increased sales

157 EMP pro’s sold nearly 30,000 golf balls through the promotion, which was a 41% increase year-on-year over 2012.

All across the country EMP members enjoyed a lucrative run-up to Christmas as customers queued up to take advantage of the popular Titleist promotion.

Neil Morris and Tim Holden at Broome Park Golf Club in Kent were near the top of the sales chart having sold a staggering 65 dozen Titleist golf balls and Jeff Pinsent at Sandy Lodge in Hertfordshire who clocked up sales of 60 dozen.

Elsewhere, Stuart Kerr at Strathaven Golf Club in Lanarkshire, Foremost champion David Wood from Orsett Golf Club in Essex, Matthew Barr from Gerrards Wood Golf Club in Buckinghamshire, new Foremost member Stuart Betteridge from Sherwood Forest Golf Club in Nottinghamshire and Stuart Dowsett from Sundridge Park Golf Club in Kent all sold in excess of 40 dozen while fourteen other EMP members dotted around the country enjoyed sales of over 30 dozen Titleist balls.

“It has been fantastic to see the sales figures generated by the Titleist promotion in conjunction with the EMP retail solution and customers coming in through our member’s doors in December, when traffic flow for many can drop severely.”  commented a delighted Foremost Company Director, Andy Martin.

“Foremost members sold 3,828 dozen Titleist golf balls during the promotion which equates to a massive 35% of the 11,000 dozen balls that were sold nationally by all the retail outlets which took part in the promotion.

“That’s a hugely impressive performance but when you extrapolate the figures further you can see it was the 157 participating EMP members who were the real winners because they generated 22% of those total sales.

“That’s a scarcely creditable performance and it provides definitive proof of the sort of results our digital EMP integrated retail solution can achieve.”

Spencer Manning UK & Ireland Sales Manager – Titleist added “The Free Personalisation offer at Christmas continues to be hugely successful for us and the EMP solution has once again delivered exceptional results for its Foremost members.”

Golf professionals can get more information about Foremost by contacting Matt Lacey on 01753 218896 or email

More information about the EMP and details on how to join are available from Graham Starkey on or by phoning 01753 218913


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